Tiny Striker: World Football Guide - How to train a true MVP

Posted by Jessica Famularo on February 23rd, 2017
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Tiny Striker: World Football, the much anticipated Big Indie Game Pitch winner, arrived on iOS last week and will be rolling onto Android in the next few days. It's a simple, yet truly engrossing little kickabout with a sturdy football manager sim thrown in to create the football game the mobile space has needed for so long. It's easy to get into, but spreads out into dozens of layers that will hook you in for hours and hours.

With that said, there's a lot to learn before you can become a wise, skillfull football player. We have a few tips for managing your player's skills, training, and marketing to advance your little footballer's career to the highest level. Let's get started.

Practice makes perfect

It's probably obvious, but training can be a time consuming task and it's easily put off. Don't neglect your practice sessions, though! Training is vital to keeping your skills up so that you can impress scouts and sponsors, who are key to advancing your career. This isn't just a fun soccer game, your career is also on the line. To train up your stats, select the t-shirt icon on the main menu and choose to train either your power or curls in the lower left corner. It takes no effort on your part, so you have excuse!

Complete sponsor challenges

You'll get a sponsor early on in the game, and they'll grant you different challenges for each match. Complete these special challenges (they'll list them before the start of every match) and you'll receive special rewards from your sponsors.

Don't neglect your equipment

As you level up, you'll collect cards that can power up your character. You can purchase these cards with gold or win them by completing matches and missions. Don't forget to actually equip them, though. Equipment like cleats can improve your performance in game and help you win even better sponsors.

Boost after every match

If you score high enough after each match, you'll have the option to "Boost" on the menu that displays your score and other stats. Tap that button, and you'll sit through a short ad (no longer than 30 second) for an extra generous gold reward. If you find you're short on gold when trying to buy equipment, this is a step you should never, ever miss.

Don't let all of the technicalities overwhelm you, though. Keep these tips in the back of your mind, but jump in and have fun. Tiny Striker: World Football does a great job at easing new players in, and you'll be raring to improve in no time at all.

Have you already managed to bring your tiny striker from the little leagues to the world cup? Share your own tips in the comments.

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