Thinking About Getting a Custom Infinity Blade III Figure? Here's How You do it and What you Can Expect

Posted by Rob Rich on September 3rd, 2014
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As you’re probably already aware, Infinity Blade III has begun offering 3D prints of your custom Siris and Isa characters through Sandboxr. And if you weren’t already aware, well you are now.

But just how “worth it” are these 3D prints? What’s the process of ordering one like? How long does it take? I took the liberty of finding all of this out for myself by ordering a custom print of my own Isa.

Here's a look at how to order your own custom Infinity Blade III figure, and what to expect along the way.

[Please note that the $10-off introductory promotion ends after today (9/3). I’m very sorry I couldn’t get this posted sooner, but I hadn’t received my print until yesterday so there wasn’t enough time to get it all put together]

Preparing Your Character

The first thing you’re going to want to do is make sure you’ve got your character ready for print.
  • Go into the pause menu and select the character you want to print using the character icons at the top of the screen (next to their name).
  • Open the Items menu and equip the gear you want to see.
  • Back out to the main pause menu and go into the Customize menu.

  • From here you can use the Style option to change your character’s pose for the actual print. Please note that I haven’t tried this with any of the animated poses yet, like “Funky” or “Fever,” so I’m not sure how well they would work. I also haven’t tried printing a figure with the custom Color option, since I find the default colors preferable.
  • Once your character looks the way you want, tap on the Buy 3-D Printed STATUE! button to be taken to Sanboxr’s website. Don’t worry, all the relevant info on your character will carry-over.

Ordering Your Print

Once you’ve jumped to Sandboxr’s website you’ll be greeted with a preview of what your 3D print will look like. It will take a few moments to render, so please be patient.
  • You may double-check the list of parts that appear on your character using the Parts tab right below the render. If you want to make any changes, just close the page and go back into Infinity Blade III, make your adjustments, then tap the Buy 3-D Print button again from within the game.
  • Once you’ve decided you’re all set, tap on the Get Mine button below your 3D print info.
  • First you’ll want to select a size - $19.99 for approx. 3.5”, $39.99 for approx. 4.5”, and $89.99 for approx. 5.5”- 6”. I went with the 3.5” option. Note that prices of all sizes will go up by $10 each after 9/3.
  • Next you’ll set up contact, shipping, and payment info. Remember that you’ll also be paying for shipping, which came to an additional $7.95 with my order.
  • Now just finalize and you’re done! Nothing to do but wait now.

From Printer to Doorstep

Now that you’ve placed your order you’re going to have to be patient. Since these figures are custom and made-to-order it will take a bit of time before they’re ready to ship. Mine took about a week before it was sent out.
  • There will be a link included in your order confirmation email that you can use to check on the progress of your print through the Sandboxr website. So if you want to see if you’re still waiting in the queue or if your figure has been printed, hold on to that email!
  • Once your order ships you’ll receive another email to let you know, along with an attached image of your newly-printed figure. Shipping took about four days for my figure.
  • When your figure arrives, it will be secured in an incredibly well-padded box within a box. Open carefully, obviously.

  • Make sure you follow the directions on the inside of the smaller box! You don’t want to get this far only to snap or chip something because you were too eager to open it up.

Final Thoughts

It’s worth mentioning that the colors on the figure are a bit muted. The coppery tones from the armor’s details aren’t present, and the grey/silver shades fade into black around the inside of the legs and the lower back - presumably due to the post-processing sealant settling unevenly. I’ve also noticed some white flecks around the base, which is most likely styrofoam that stuck to a couple of tacky spots left behind from the sealant. I tried to clean some of it off using a damp paper towel but was only mildly successful.

The overall detail is good, though (I imagine it would only look better with a larger print). The pose and all of the equipment is accurate to what I ordered, and it’s a nice sized figure for the price. Some liberties were taken with the pose to account for stability (i.e. the Infinity Spear is angled further down so that it connects with the log) but it doesn’t look awkward or anything like that, and it makes sense as to why they would want to do it. I also have to say that great care was definitely taken to keep the figure safe during shipping.

Despite my nitpicking I’m quite impressed with my custom Isa 3D print. Considering it was made-to-order the amount of time between ordering and receiving my figure was fairly quick, and it looks pretty freaking cool besides. It might be a bit before I order a custom Siris to go with it (bills come first), but it’s definitely going to happen.

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