We're getting to the end of the first real, full, proper week of 2018. And in that time we've seen some pretty awesome games landing on the App Store. Of course, we've seen some absolute duffers as well. The sort of games that you look at and start crying uncontrollably for hours on end.

With that in mind, we thought we'd give you a rundown of the games that have come out this week that you should definitely be playing. That's right, these are the best games that have come out for iPad and iPhone this week, and we've put them in a lovely list for you.

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game - Download from the App Store

A card game with an all-together-now twist. Rather than playing against your friends, you're playing with them to solve cases, knock out bad guys, and occasionally drink beers. If you're a fan of the books then you're going to absolutely love this one.

Let Them Come - Download from the App Store

A frantic last stand against waves of slobbering alien monsters. It's just you, a mounted gun, a few grenades, and a baseball bat. Last for as long as you can, or try out the endless mode that lets you set high scores for other players to beat.

Rusty Lake Paradise - Download from the App Store

The latest in the point and click adventure series. It's dark and weird in all the right ways, and continues the franchise's theme of not really letting you know what's going on. Throw in some strange characters, interesting puzzles, and a great story, and you're on to a winner.

Tap Guns - Download from the App Store

A game that's about juggling guns. It's a bit of a strange one, involving tapping on the screen to fire out a bullet and push your weapon upwards. Once you get used to it though there's a lot to like here. It's exactly the sort of game you're going to load up for a quick play on your commute. Or when you're in the bathroom.

Kraino - Download from the App Store

A sharp and stylish platformer presented in gorgeous pixel art. You're a reanimated skeleton who's out for revenge. Kill hordes of monsters, overcome some tricky platforming sections, and have a lovely old time while you're doing it as well.

Blobout - Download from the App Store

Control a blob as it splodges it way up a wall. You tap to jump, but the twist here is you've got a double jump that lets you head back to the wall you were just on. It's tricky to start with, but once you start to get the hang of things you're going to embrace the challenge on offer here.

HeliHopper - Download from the App Store

A game about landing a helicopter. That might sound boring, but it's actually a lot of fun. Take Angry Birds, get rid of the destruction, and add a few swipy nudges into the mix and you've got some sort of idea what to expect here. Easy to pick up and play, but pretty darn difficult to master.

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