If you missed out on any previous sales for the roguelike, solitaire hybridSolitairica, good news! It's on sale again for almost half off.

Solitairicais a genre hybrid that combines the fantastic RPG setting with a card game combat mechanic that is reminiscent of the classic game, Solitaire. Players choose a character class, each with unique combats and abilities. The game then pits you against a randomly-generated enemy and engages players in a Solitaire based card battle. All the while players can use special spells and abilities to deal heavy damageor protect your own health from hitting zero.

Solitairica was widely praised upon release for its clever mix of genres and gameplay. While the game is typically priced at $3.99 on the app store, iPhone and iPad owners can pick up the game for $1.99, which is almost 50 percent off. A pretty good deal for one of the most interesting games on the Apple App Store for an interesting game that combines the commute friendly card game with a fantasy twist.

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