The Perfect Apps for your iPad

Posted by 148Apps Staff on February 12th, 2018

The apps which are available in the iOS App Store make the iPad more than just a smooth device that's fantastic for looking at photos and browsing the internet. If you are looking to write detailed notes, create drawings, plan projects or play games, here are some perfect apps that you will need for your iPad.


Paper is a drawing app, which is one of the trendiest iPad programs for good reasons. It’s fun and super simple to use. Over the years, it has included serious features such as, the option to make to-do lists and draw on photos. Many people find this app valuable for getting autographs. That’s simply because it is easy for them to export it as an image to a camera roll.


Using an iPad doesn't mean that you are limited to the Photos app for improving your snapshots. Pixelmator brings Photoshop-level tools like Clone, Level Adjustment Distort, and Repair to the iPad. You also have a big enough screen to make good use of them. The latest update added Magnetic Selection and Quick Select.

Marvel Unlimited

While speaking of Marvel, many comic fans who favor the publishing house that Stan Lee constructed may be better off with this app. Also, it has a $9.99 monthly subscription. This game packs many titles so you can learn more about Groot, Jessica Jones, Captain America and the rest of the characters filling the cinematic and televised Marvel universes.


Mind-mapping is the preparation of picturing complex ideas with a sequence of linked notes and images. Your best choice for making digital versions of these maps is MindNode. This app first gained popularity on the Mac. Today, it is still fancied on iOS. It's an outstanding mode to make the most out of that large screen on your iPad.


Responding and handling to all the email you get can be a real annoyance. However, with Spark, not only can you snooze messages to send later, but you can equally pin valuable emails to the app's screen so you don't ignore them.


The miracle of coloring books for adults, which many believe to be a stress reliever, has gone digital. Many people think that the fun in digital versions is to tap once to color in a section. But with Pigment at your disposal, this enables you to use a third-party stylus, Apple Pencil or even your finger to manually draw. Also, you don’t need to be worried about coloring over or outside of the lines.

Fantastical 2

This app was the first one to provide natural-language recognition. It enabled it to create events from picking out titles, bricks of text, times and locations. You can make great use of it for making calendar events by copying them in from other apps.

Besides these amazing apps, you can do a lot more on an iPad. For instance, there are games which do not require downloading an app to enjoy it. If you look at the slot games at Magical Vegas online casino, they can easily be played on an iPad. You will only need to connect it to your Wi-Fi connection and look for the site on Google. However, the above list was simply for you to get an idea of the perfect apps for your iPad!

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