It's the end of another hectic week for us at 148Apps, with plenty of new releases arriving over the past few days. As is tradition, we've gathered five of the best new releases out this week for you to enjoy over the weekend. This list particularly stands out both for quality and originality -- a rare combination. Let's see what we've got.


Syllablade is half word game, half fantasy RPG. Players must create words from a grid by swiping letters in a line. Making words powers your attacks against the enemies and monsters you encounter. It's simple, but great for some short, breezy fun on the train.

HQ Live Trivia

If you've spent any time on social media lately, you'll have noticed that HQ Live Trivia has been taking the internet by storm. It's an actual, live gameshow that airs twice daily, and you can win real cash prizes. Just tune in during game time and answer questions. Players are given 12 multiple choice questions and 10 seconds to answer each. Those who get all 12 correct can cash-in on the prize pool.


A new game in the "lost phone" sub-genre, you find the phone of a missing woman. You'll have to sift through texts and video messages to find out what's happened in this chilling thriller.

Bury Me, My Love

The second lost phone game on this list that tells the tale of a Syrian refugee making their way to Europe. Based on stories told by refugees, it's a game that considers themes of family, love, and war.

Subsurface Circular

Subsurface Circular is a delightfully clever game in which you try to decode a robot language, completing linguistic puzzles to study up and learn how to communicate.

Are you checking out any of these games this week? Tell us about your favorite in the comments below.

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