It's always hard returning to the daily grind after the holiday break, so it's best to take things a bit slowly. Turns out the mobile gaming world is getting off to a lazy start, too, but we still have three excellent games to feature. Let's get the weekend started off right.

Frog Souls

As advertised, Frog Souls is Dark Souls starring a Frog Knight. It's tough-as-nails -- you won't be moving around the battlefield, instead you're stuck on your lily pad, jumping in the air to sling attacks at your enemies, and of course, perma-death comes into play here. If you're looking for a challenge, look no further than Frog Souls.

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Antihero is a stylish board game set in 19th century London, where you'll try your best to gather a band of thieves and other ne'er-do-wells to create the most prolific, powerful thieves guild in the city. You'll need to employ deep layers of strategy to take over every facet of the city, from churches to even the local government.

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Shurado is a dark one vs. one brawler in which you play as an undead zombie. The game has a distinct Dark Souls aesthetic, but similar hack and slash mechanics of the Infinity Blade series. It's easy to dive right in and start battling enemies. The combat has a cathartic feel, there's not a whole lot of challenge here, but battles or immensely satisfying nonetheless.

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What's the best new game you've been playing this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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