Well folks, this week was admittedly a bit of a snoozer. Not a whole lot of new games came out this week.

While that makes our job a bit harder, we’re determined to bring you the best games we played this week in one convenient spot. Against all odds, we’re here to bring you four of the best new games we played.

The Guides Axiom

A good choice for folks who like escape rooms and other puzzles of that sort, Guides Axiom is a cool and creative puzzle game. Deciper codes and interpret clues in a series of cleverly designed brain teasers. It’s good fun, especially if you’re a hobbyist detective.

Eight Minute Empire

If you enjoy empire building games like Catan or Civilization, you’ll get a kick out of Eight Minute Empire. This refreshing little board game breaks down these kingdom building games into a short, minutes-long experience. All of the resource hoarding and tactical scheming is there, but in a brief little experience that’s perfect for short bursts of fun on the go.


It’s been a good year for twin-stick shooters, that’s for sure. Atomine is yet another one to add to that list. Its stylish geometric design reminds us of SUPERHOT, while it’s exciting cyberpunk gunplay is completely customizable and engrossing.

Don’t Eat Us

We love the silhouetted art design in this spooky endless runner. Guide a trio of children through a chilling landscape as you swipe up, down, left, and right to defend yourselves from a host of zombies, werewolves, and other terrifying monsters.

Did we miss one of your new favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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