Every week here at 148Apps we like to round up the cream of the crop of the newest games releases on the App Store. We think of it like a public service. There are so many games smashing onto iOS every week that sometimes it's hard to keep track of what's worth picking up and what's worth ignoring.

So that's what I've gone ahead and done. There are some pretty great games out this week, including one stellar release that you really want to be grabbing as soon as possible. If you think we've missed anything out though, feel free to let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

Oddmar - download for iOS

Quite simply one of the best looking games that's come out for iPhone and iPad over the past few years. Thankfully though it doesn't just look great, it plays great as well. Lead a podgy viking through a series of challenging levels in order to prove that he's not useless. It's slick, there's a heap to do, and you're going to love every second of it.

Avernum 3: Ruined World - download for iOS

If you like your RPGs old school, slightly fiddly, and so in-depth that you're in danger of losing months of your life to them, then this is the game you should be grabbing for your iPad this week. It's the third in the series, but it's a good jumping on place for new players. And I'm serious when I say you're going to lose months of your life to it.

The Mooseman - download for iOS

A strange game that really needs to be played to be understood. It's not like anything else you've ever poked your way through on the App Store. It's a mix of an adventure game, a slow-paced platformer, and a puzzler. And while it might take a while to get to grips with it, once you do you're going to find a lot to love.

Sdorica - Sunset - download for iOS

Part old school RPG, part free to play reimagining of the genre, all gorgeous, and mostly fun. There's action, adventure, and everything you'd expect, as well as a few twists and surprises that you might not. If you're looking for a distraction with a little more bite, then this is the game you should pick up this week.

Brew Town - download for iOS

A strategy game focused on that most modern of drinks - craft beers. The game is all about building up your craft beer empire, trying out new brews, and getting as many people to try your refreshingly hoppy drinks as you can. Imagine a tycoon game, where the aim is getting every one of your customers pleasantly drunk.

Polar Rollout - download for iOS

Evil fish have descended on the planet, as they were always going to, and it's up to you and a bunch of cute critters to smash them back from whence they came. There's lots of rolling, and a whole bunch of cartoony puzzles that you need to complete. It's pretty standard stuff, but there are some smart ideas here that lift it above the rest.

Soap Dodgem - download for iOS

A puzzler that sees you guiding slippery bars of soap around a series of challenging levels. It plays around with the shape of the genre pretty well, and while it's not the most original game on this list, if you're looking for something to fill a few minutes here and there in your hectic life then it's well worth picking up.

Lines and Hexa - download for iOS

Another puzzle game. This one mixes a few ideas together and comes up with an interesting sort of brain training exercise. It takes a while to figure out exactly what the game is asking of you, but once you get there you'll find an intriguing little game that's going to have you scratching your head in all the right ways.

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