iOS 11 has officially launched, and with it comes Apple's ARKit, a helpful framework that makes it easier than ever for developers to create mobile AR experiences. To celebrate the occassion, we're featuring some of the best AR apps and games on iOS that have been made with ARKit. There's a lot to explore so let's jump right in.

Ikea Place

It's the IKEA shopping experience you've always wanted. Now you can use AR to "place" IKEA products in your home to see how they'll fit in your space. It's a lot more fun than measuring things and using your mind's eye to decorate your house.

Stack AR

Stack AR sets you to stacking differently decorated blocks as high as you can. It's a pure arcade experience with a simple concept. It's a great app if you're looking to show AR to folks who haven't experienced it before.

Euclidean Lands

This classic indie puzzle game now gets the AR treatment, placing puzzles in the center of your very own living room. Its environment shifting mechanics make it the perfect fit for augmented reality. Shift and rotate your world to solve puzzles and defeat the evil forces that plague each level.

Splitter Critters

Splitter Critters is another environmental puzzle game that's well suited for AR. This game tasks you with tearing up and rearranging the landscape to guide a host of space critters home.

Flat Pack

This 2D/3D action platformer reminds us a bit of Fez. Environmental puzzles abound as you explore a world full of traps and dangerous enemies.

World Brush

World Brush isn't your average art app. You can draw pictures and doodles anywhere you go. Folks who happen across your path in the real world will get to witness your artwork through the app. It's a blast just to wander around and see what other World Brush users have made.

Have you tried any of the new AR apps on iOS 11? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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