My Talking Tom brings the latest Talking Tom experience to the App Store, releasing today and available for free. The new edition lets users adopt a baby kitten, name it, and have it be part of their daily lives. Of course it’s important to feed it, play with it, and nurture it as it grows from a little baby kitten to a fully-grown kitty-cat! I want a kitty-kitty!

So anyway, users can also decorate their cat’s home and give it a number of different furs. They can even give their kitty hats and sunglasses! Best yet, the kitty will talk back when spoken to!

“Our goal is to deliver fun and with this new launch we are taking Talking Tom and the app interactivity experience to new levels,” said Samo Login, Founder and CEO of Outfit7, in a press release. “First there was Talking Tom, then Talking Tom 2 and his friends became a global phenomenon attracting fans from every country across the globe and achieving 1.2 billion downloads to date. We are now excited to introduce My Talking Tom and a whole new entertainment experience.”