SyncPad Aims to be FaceTime App for Drawings

Posted by Bonnie Eisenman on December 15th, 2010
iPad App - Designed for iPad

FaceTime is great for face-to-face videos. What's not to love? One-on-one video with instant, real-time interaction…of course, there are other circumstances that could greatly benefit from such a structure, and the developers at 39 inc believe they've found another "sweet spot." But instead of live video, they're tackling live drawing with their SyncPad app.

SyncPad is an iPad app that bills itself as "FaceTime for drawings." In many ways it's like a real-time, wireless whiteboard. No matter how far you are physically from your friends or coworkers, the app lets you meet online in a SyncPad "room" and engage in a live doodling session. Whatever you draw is instantly synced to other users, and vice versa.

SyncPad isn't entirely limited to iPads, either; a read-only mode is available for normal, HTML-5 compliant web browsers (like Safari). The read-only mode even works on other iOS devices. This means that you can email a special link to others, and they'll be able to see your SyncPad drawings without needing the actual app, whether they're on a computer, iPhone, or iPad.

As for the whiteboard app itself, it includes a handful of different colors, an eraser, and the ability to import pictures from your library.

SyncPad's focus is clearly on providing a seamless, minimum-hassle wireless whiteboard. I have to admit, it's a pretty cool concept. Check out the video below to see SyncPad showing off.

SyncPad (Remote Whiteboard)

iPad App - Designed for iPad
Released: 2010-11-26 :: Category: Game


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