The Blockheads, the open world exploration and survival game from Majic Jungle, just got a big new update. The new update brings a host of new building and structure features, including trade portals, server lists, scorpions, death, and a whole lot more.

We had an opportunity to review The Blockheads in early 2013, and liked it a lot. The Blockheads is available on the App Store for free (with optional in-app purchases).


New features
– New trade portals allow buying and selling items on a global marketplace with all other Blockheads players
– A new tutorial to help out new players starting a single player world
– Adds recent server list for connecting to online servers
– New scorpions can be found in the desert, and are particularly active at night
– Blockheads can now die, but can regenerate at the portal
– Craft paintings using any picture you like from your camera roll
– New stairs and columns for decoration and to make moving between floors easier
– New fast and convenient electric elevators
– New golden bow & poison arrows
– You can now paint ladders, beds, chests, shelves, display cabinets, safes, signs and shops
– Many bug fixes and tweaks

via: Our Review