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OrangePixel are one of the few developers in mobile gaming who develop primarily for Android first, before eventually releasing on iOS. OrangePixel’s latest Android to iOS port is the game Super Drill Panic. This endless descent game has players trying to avoid a boulder crashing downward on top of them, by falling through gaps in the floor. Some of the obstacles preventing players from just falling all willy-nilly to the treasure awaiting them at the bottom include walls in the way of players’ paths, switches that open up gaps in the floor, and dart shooters that will kill players. There are powerups available to smash instantly through floors and freeze the fall of the boulder. Players also collect gold that can go toward upgrades, unlock a second character, and an endless arcade mode as well. Super Drill Panic is available as a universal app, and has been released as a free ad-supported game for iOS. Read a review of the Android version of the game on sister site Android Rundown.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-08-30 :: Category: Games

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