Students are poor, it's just the nature of going into massive debt from financial aid, but they have an incredible knack for having Apple products. College students now walk around with no money, wondering where they will get their next meal, and still amazingly have iPhones and iPod Touches. Students have to have some way to call (or text) their parents to ask for more money, right?

Knowing that every iOS device holding student needs apps, a group of developers started, a site that contains steep discounts for iOS and OSX apps. It's not a typical bundle site, just a site where you can get some useful stuff on discount, and a lot of it. According to the press release, "more than 50 independent developers are participating in the sale contributing over 100 applications with discounts totaling more than $1300."

The iOS apps, unlike the OSX apps, are already discounted on the App Store, so you just need to see what's available and pick them up. The apps range from educational apps like Cram to GPS exploring apps like Metropolis to photo apps like CameraSafe.

The sale only goes on until September 1st, and I'm sure that there will be more apps on sale until then. Go check out and see what's out there. Enjoy!

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