Pocket Gamer reports that side-scrolling shooter, Storm the Train, has been updated with new character attributes, weapons, and other features. Each character has their own specific role (Graham – Soldier, Mason – Heavy, and Carrera – Medic) and players can switch between them at any time by swiping the screen. There are also new missions available for gamers to engage in.

✓ Each character has specific weapons, drones and a mech suit
✓ All characters share a common health pool
✓ New ­ Poison Gun
✓ New ­ Rail Gun
✓ New ­ Gears of Gore (melee weapon)
✓ New ­ Sticky Bomb Launcher
✓ New ­ Healer Drone
✓ New ­ Freeze Drone
✓ New ­ Healer Mech Suit
✓ New ­ Melee Mech Suit

via: Our Review source: Pocket Gamer