Black Lab Games' turn-based strategy game Star Hammer Tactics, originally released for the Xbox Live Indie Games and PSN Minis for PSP and PS3, is making its way to the iPad this October.

This game purports to be a fast-paced strategy game where players control a fleet of ships trying to survive the onslaught of the Nautilids trying to attack the planet Novus. The game claims to have a rule set that is simple but still deep, so players can et into the game easily, while still allowing master strategists to use their skills to the fullest. The iPad version is a rewrite of the original game, featuring redone graphics in HD, a redesigned interface for touchscreen control, and gameplay tweaks to make the game be improved and user-friendly. The game will feature a 15 mission campaign and a 2 player multiplayer mode that takes place on one iPad. all bolstered by Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

This redone version will be available on the App Store this October. 

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