The Game Bakers sent us word on the latest huge update to Editor’s Choice award recipient, Squids: Wild West.

The Squids are back with a huge content update that will keep players busy this autumn:
– A whole new Chapter in the story, with new maps and adventures in the ruins of Thalas, and Magnus a rather spectacular new Squid to recruit!
– The Pro Mode that lets players play the game again with a super high difficulty and a new setup for the enemies. Those who manage to finish the game in Pro Mode will have their name on the Wall of Fame, in the game!
– Optimized for the new iPhone 5.
– A secret quest to find 4 hidden helmets.
– The Squids can now be leveled up to level 30.
– Also in this update: a function to reset a game as demanded by the fans, and several bug fixes have been included.

There’s also a soundtrack to be had, from iTunes or Bandcamp.

via: Squids Facebook Page source: The Game Bakers