There are few games that can match the Final Fantasy series for sheer longevity. The original Final Fantasy was released back in 1987, and more than twenty years later, it's impossible to ignore the series' impact upon role-playing games. While the series has moved far beyond the scope of the original release, spawning countless spinoffs and sequels, the first two games are where it all began—and these are the ones that Square Enix has announced for an iPhone release. This isn't the first time we've seen some old games ported to the App Store, but it's definitely an exciting announcement.

We don't yet know when the titles will be released to the App Store. An announcement along with some screenshots was posted to the Square Enix Facebook page last night, leaving the release date a tantalizing "TBA." The games appear to be similar to the PSP ports.

Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II promise some classic goodness for old-school gamers, and we're already itching to get our hands on them. Hopefully, "TBA" means "sometime really, really soon."

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