Sonos Updates Apps with Global Favorites Feature; Sonos Playbar Released

Posted by Jeff Scott on February 12th, 2013
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Sonos today released an update to their apps that allows you to save global favorites, called Sonos Favorites from all of their music services in one convenient list. For instance you can save a playlist from Spotify, a favorite radio station from the streaming radio, a favorite station from Sirius XM. And each of them will appear in your Sonos Favorites where you have two touch access to them. Much better than diving three to four levels deep looking for your favorite sources.

Sonos also announced a new awesome speaker. The Sonos Playbar. Meant to be a speaker bar that sits under your large screen TV, the Playbar has all of the usual features of a Sonos speaker meaning that you can play "all the music in the world" on it. It also has optical connection to hook directly to your TV. The Playbar will be $699 and available in just a couple weeks. You can preorder it at the Sonos site. Here are the key features, direct from Sonos:

• HiFi Sound for your TV: PLAYBAR’s powerful nine-driver array and unique acoustic software deliver immersive audio for movies and games, huge waves of live concert sound and wirelessly streams all the music on earth. PLAYBAR includes six mid-woofers for deep, rich low frequency sounds and three tweeters for crystal clear high-frequency sounds.

• Play all the music on earth with this complete wireless HiFi system: Whether you’re watching your favorite movie, catching up the latest TV series, gaming with your friends or having a full-on house party, PLAYBAR provides the perfect HiFi accompaniment. Easily access popular music streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and Rhapsody, your favorite Internet radio stations and your personal music library through the free Sonos controller apps. And, PLAYBAR can be used as a standalone all-in-one player or added to your Sonos system, expanding your listening experience throughout the home.

• Home Theater made simple: To set up PLAYBAR, all you have to do is connect an optical audio cable to your TV and apply power. You can place it in front of your TV or mount on the wall and PLAYBAR’s built-in sensors will automatically orient the audio channels and adjust the EQs for the perfect sound. When you add a SUB or two PLAY:3s, you can get a full 5.1 experience without the need for messy wiring or complex audio set-up. Control the volume with your existing TV remote or via one of the free Sonos Controllers for Android, iOS, PC or Mac.

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