SFF3We’ve had a chance to take a look at the new multiplayer game from Gogogic, Soft Freak Fiesta. Gogogic are based in Iceland and that strange Icelandic humor shows through in this game. After all, they think Bjork is normal there.

Soft Freak Fiesta is a sort of last man standing game take on marbles played out in turn on various game boards. While there are various game modes, they all have you aiming, bouncing, and rebounding your characters in the quest to destroy the players on the other team.

Multiplayer is key to this game. You can play either local/Bluetooth or over the data connection against anyone in the world. Since it’s turn based, a slow connection is of no concern. For each turn, you have the option of either moving a player, dropping a weapon, or skipping. To move, you select the player and give them a direction and speed by pulling an arrow from their current location to the direction you want to go. The longer the arrow, the faster the player moves. To drop a weapon, you select the player and touch the popup for the weapon to drop. Once you are ready and hit the ready button, or the turn timer runs out, your players and the opponent players will move, bouncing off of each other removing energy from each player. A player dies when it falls off the board (or gets bounced by another player) or loses all of it’s energy from weapons, hazards on the board, or from rebounding off other players.

image006This game has real potential to become a compelling quick play multiplayer game. The developers have told us of some new features they plan on adding and this could really turn into a good community game as well. Of course since this is a multiplayer game, the success depends on getting enough players. Because of this we expect to see some pretty aggressive pricing when it’s released.

Soft Freak Fiesta has been submitted to Apple for approval and we should see it at any time now. I’ll see you there.

Gogogic are based in Iceland and have previously released Symbol6 for the iPhone.

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Released: 2009-02-03 :: Category: Games :: Puzzle

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