Autodesk has released a new update for Socialcam, a popular app that allows users to easily capture and share videos. Some of the new features include a complete redesign of visual effects, 720p HD video, and HDR (high dynamic range) video option.

Full List of Features:

✔ Unlimited video length and storage
✔ Private accounts and private videos
✔ Vintage and experimental video filters
✔ Titles, Themes, and Soundtracks
✔ Share to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Email/SMS
✔ Fast upload in the background (no spinners)
✔ Videos stored in the cloud
✔ Watch on any smartphone, computer, or tablet
✔ Upload existing videos from your camera roll
✔ Browse, like, and comment on friends’ videos
✔ Instantly notified when your friends take videos
✔ Live feed of your friend’s favorite videos