Kids want to participate in social networking as much as everyone else. After all, it’s fun. For young children though, it’s not always as safe as it should be on the likes of Facebook and other social networking tools hence the age limit that’s put in place. While parents can take the option of creating a heavily secured account and monitor their every move, a more fun alternative is something like Vikido.

It’s an app that allows kids to create audio, video or picture based content that can then be shared instantly with their parents. The parents can then choose exactly who gets to view such work. Close contacts from a limited list is possible or it can be shared via Facebook. Ultimately, it’s an app that allows kids freedom but adults the ability to protect their offspring.

Besides the publishing side of things, parents can also choose to ‘love’ rather than ‘like’ the creations and comment on things too.

Vikido looks like a halfway house towards allowing children to use more comprehensive social networking tools, and could be a great way of testing the water so to speak while keeping everyone happy.

It’s out now and it’s everyone’s favorite price: free.

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Released: 2011-08-09 :: Category: Social Networking

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