Between Twitter's one hundred and ninety million users and Facebook's five hundred million users, it is safe to assume that you may know a person or two that is a member of either service.  Who knows, maybe even you might be a member of either one or both of the extremely popular social networking hubs.  Odds are, if you have accounts through both sites, you spend time monitoring both feeds intently.  The problem is that with two completely different websites and their respective iOS applications, it can make for an inconvenient process switching between the two.

Sobees is a developer that already has a PC application which currently integrates Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn into a series of conveniently laid out feeds.  Originally channeling their expertise into an iPad Facebook Client, Sobees Lite (which 148apps originally profiled back in May), they have since set their sights on bringing the world of Facebook and Twitter together into one convenient app.  As unfathomable as it is for me to imagine, there hasn't yet been an app available for the device that combines the functionality of both services into a single app.  At least that was the case until Sobees Social Media hit the App Store late last week.

As I have come to find on numerous occasions, while rotating through social messaging clients, not all applications are created equally.  So what are the key features of the application?

  • View Twitter and Facebook feeds

  • Read comments posted on Facebook

  • Comment and like Facebook items

  • Reply/DM/Retweet/Quote/Favorite a Tweet

  • Manage Twitter lists

  • Get quick facts on any link thanks to Factery labs data.

  • Post something on both services simultaneously

  • Upload pictures

  • Search Twitter

Just looking at the list offhand, I can't think of any functionality that might be considered missing.  Not only is it extremely useful, but if you check out the screenshots below you can see that it looks sexy too.  I am curious if they plan on adding in MySpace and LinkedIn functionality, much like their software on the PC.  Sure, it isn't exactly a deal breaker, but it sure would make for a nice free update at some point down the road.  All of your digital worlds have collided in one place; it is only a matter of time before you get on board as well.


sobees Social Media

iPad App - Designed for iPad
Released: 2010-08-18 :: Category: Game


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