Sniper vs. Sniper Soon

Posted by Chris Hall on September 14th, 2009

Com2Us, of Baseball Sluggers... er... Homerun Battle 3D fame, has a new game on the way. The game, Sniper vs. Sniper Online, is a significant departure from the friendly confines of their masterful homerun derby. After watching the preview video and checking out some screenshots, this may turn out to be the first non-sports game to really thrive online. I'll never forget when Baseball Sluggers arrived in the app store. It was the very first online game that just worked... every single time, and amazingly still has a user base that plays online all day. If Sniper vs. Sniper works even close to as well, this one will be a surefire hit.

Much like Homerun Battle 3D, Sniper vs. Sniper allows you to seemingly instantly play against anyone online in the world. Also included is a co-op terrorist killing mode... allowing you to show some mercy on your poor friend that just can't beat you. Another feature brought over from Homerun is the ability to earn special items within the 30 "special missions"... you know, to make your friend hunting sniper skills better.

The game should be live in October, and we should have a review up the following morning. In the meantime, enjoy some more screenshots and an extra video after the break!

Sniper vs. Sniper Online Gameplay Video Here!

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