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Posted by Chris Hall on November 3rd, 2010
iPad App - Designed for iPad

Smart Pad, developed by Left Coast Logic (which is, oddly enough, based in Washington D.C.), is a new productivity suite that promises to pack as much usefulness as possible into your already packed day.

Like many other productivity suites, Smart Pad includes a Calendar, Organizer, Task Manager, integrated Notes System, and Time Tracker, all of which are designed to look as if they were included in a day planner. While the feature list is fairly standard, Smart Pad brings two features that set the suite apart from the rest.

The day planner in Smart Pad is the most novel feature in the suite. Once you've assembled a task list for the ages, the Day Manager feature will ask you how long you would like to work, and then organizes each non-time critical item into the free spaces in your day. This SmartTime logic lets you fill your day with any and all tasks that you have, and even splits up tasks if there is not a large enough block of time to get it done. In a nutshell, Day Manager will fill your day, no matter how inefficient you want to be.

The other special feature in Smart Pad are HyperNotes. HyperNotes works with the note taking feature to make sure that any ideas formed via note taking are easily converted into new tasks, appointments, or reminders. All you have to do is highlight a portion of the notes and the rest is done within the app... it even makes sure to link your new task/appointment to the section of notes that it came from.

The current version of Smart Pad syncs with Google Calendars and Toodledo, and will soon directly sync with the iPad calendar, enabling syncing with iCal and Outlook. The app is out now, so if productivity is something that you are lacking, look no further.

SmartPad Organizer

iPad App - Designed for iPad
Released: 2010-10-27 :: Category: Game


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