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Skylanders Cloud Patrol, the on-rails shooter based on Activision’s popular toys and games hybrid franchise, has recently gotten an update bringing new features.

Most importantly, more Skylanders have been added into the game. Warnado, Wham-Shell, Camo, and all of the Legendary Skylanders are now in the games, so our toy addict readers no longer need to fret about their favorite not being in the game. The web codes that come with each Skylander can still be used to unlock them right away in the game, to take advantage of their elements for daily bonuses, and because it’s just more satisfying using one’s favorite character to get a high score. Of course, they can still be unlocked via in-game credits, but that’s just not as cool as owning the actual figure, now is it?

The game has now been updated to support the new iPad, including supporting that Retina Display. The Skylanders will look practically real! Well, they kind of already are, but, now the digital versions will look practically real. I suppose. Sadly, despite having “Cloud” in the name, cloud-based saving has yet to be implemented. The free update to the game is available now.

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Released: 2012-04-05 :: Category: Games

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