The perfect combination of succulence and strategy, Defend the cake is a tower defence game released earlier this year that saw players question whether their eyes were bigger than their bellies. Set in an enticing kingdom of tasty treats, defending it is about to get more delicious from today thanks to the addition of new environments, levels, and a completely new cake to protect.

Developed with both seasoned tower defence veterans and genre newcomers in mind, Defend the cake tasks players to keep tasty treats away from crowds of pesky bugs. Doing so means strategically placing toast walls around the map as well as other delicious defences. With 19 distinct enemy types and 21 unique levels to battle them in, players had plenty to sink their teeth into.

Now the latest content update introduces even more plates to the Defend the cake table. There are three entirely new bonus levels to beat, and new language localisation for French, Italian, German and Spanish players. The main course, however, is the freshly baked Red Velvet cake to defend. Why not do so in the game’s all-new cocoa-based environment?

Think yourself tough enough to protect the treats in time and show those bugs who’s chef? Try Defend the cake’s content 2.0 update today by downloading the game from either Google Play or the App store.

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