The Sims 3: World Adventures for the iPhone is a different experience from The Sims 3 that is currently on the App Store. The game adds many new features and places to explore, without complicating the experience too much.

Some of the new features include that ability to travel to Egypt, Paris, and China. In addition, the size of each city map has been increased dramatically from the previous version. In addition, there are more customization options for your Sim including more face types.

The game includes four new mini game types scattered throughout the game. And some interesting easter eggs like the mummy in Cairo. Overall, the game seems to have a little more character than The Sims 3.

If you have already been playing The Sims 3 on the iPhone, you have the ability to transfer your Sim to the new version. The game walks you through the process when you start it -- you basically just save an image of your Sim from the previous version and import that into this version. You characteristics and any extra items that you have bought will come over with it. You do start over with money in the new game though.l

Overall, the Sims 3 is a good starting point for people new to the Sims universe or people who just want to get a fix in while on the go. The Sims 3: World Adventures should launch in the App Store soon.

Hit the jump for more screen shots of The Sims 3: World Adventures.


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