Agharta Studio’s second iOS game, Shufflepuck Cantina, has recently updated to version 1.6, with a plethora of additions, detailed below. Our reviewer gave this one a 4.5 star rating, saying, “Get past how closely the themes resemble a certain well-known sci-fi movie and how the cute soundtrack that plays as you enter the cantina sounds so much like everyone’s favorite cantina band, and there is a really well-made game here.”

- A shiny new floor, The Disco, is now accessible!
– 3 new opponents will ask for a beating there!
– 3 new special strikes to master!
– 60 new funny bios and opponent equipment to collect!
– Brand new equipment upgrades added to the inventory!
– Brand new Mini-Quest system added! (150 Mini-Quests in total!)
– More than 150 new missions!
– 22 new achievements for Gamecenter!

via: Our Review