Okay, so Halloween has come and gone. But that doesn’t mean we have to leave the gore and mayhem behind, right? Right? Shoot to Kill is one game that doesn’t seem to think so, anyway; the new shooter wants you to be very, very afraid, even if Halloween is sadly over:

If you thought Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Meyers were scary – you’ll soon realize they’re nothing but a walk in the park compared to the misery, pain and suffering you will endure in this game where you realize that you’re are not dead… it is far, far worse than that! In Shoot To Kill you take center stage – literally – as you fight off the demons of Hell and try to ascend to the surface while they seek to destroy you and possess your soul forever!

The problem is that you aren’t dead? Yikes. Shoot to Kill is a shooter from Vivid Games / Tower Studios, now with both an iPhone and an iPad incarnation. The premise? You’re trapped in the bowels of hell, locked inside your protective pentagram as all sorts of demons try to finally kill you. To judge by the video, it’s a veritable gore-fest, and you should be able to wreak a lot of bloody havoc before finally succumbing to the onslaught.

The game arms you with a variety of weapons (everything from a grenade launcher to lightning bolts to a chainsaw) and includes four different “survival games.” With regards to the demons, there are fourteen different species available for pummeling, and you can earn thirteen Game Center-compatible achievements. Perhaps most intriguingly, in addition to the main campaign, there’s a multiplayer mode for those who want to slay demons alongside their friends. It looks like a fast-paced bit of shooter mayhem, and who doesn’t love demon-slaying, anyway?

If Shoot to Kill sounds like your cup of tea, it’s available now on the App Store with separate versions for iPhone and iPad, with the iPhone version running a mere $0.99. (There are lite versions, too!)

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Released: 2010-10-28 :: Category: Games

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