Rules of Survival guide - how to protect yourself from other players

Posted by Jessica Famularo on November 30th, 2017
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In Rules of Survival, anything goes. The only real rule is to stay alive, and your opponents are going to do everything in their power to follow it. That means sneaking, sniping, and sometimes flat out fire fights.

It can be tough adapting to these brutal tactics, but there are plenty of ways to avoid them. Here are a few tips to help you survive any human encounter in Rules of Survival.

Build up your defense

Weapons are fun and shiny, but don't neglect to equip any armor you might find. If you're running around without any clothes on, you'll be taken out instantly by an opposing player. Armor gives you a fighting chance when you come head to head with another player, especially when you're still practicing your technique.

Beware of buildings

Buildings in Rules of Survival are something of a mind game. When you go into a building, always close the door behind you. Leaving them open signals to other players that someone is likely hiding inside. Even still, some players like to throw grenades through windows to take care of anyone who might be trying to be sneaky -- so don't linger near the outer walls.

With that said, camping out beside a closed door is a good way to catch people unawares -- you can gun them down as soon as they enter the building.

Avoid open areas

Stay out of the open. Stick to wooded areas full of trees and shrubbery if you have to make a break for it outside. Open fields are a great way to be picked off by a sniper. If you must cross an open area, make yourself prone and crawl across, preferably through some tall grass, to avoid being seen.


Listen for any audio cues signalling the arrival of another player. You should always be on the alert for footsteps, gunfire, or car engines. These are all signs that you need to find cover, and fast, if you want to have the upper hand. It helps to play Rules of Survival with headphones so you can catch every aural nuance.

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