Ruler 2 Brings Elegant Measurements...and a Chance at Free Swag!

Posted by Bonnie Eisenman on September 24th, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Ruler 2 is a new app from the same folks who brought us the popular book app, Classics. Like Classics, Ruler 2 pays equal attention to form and function; beneath the glossy interface is an easy-to-use ruler, complete with a slider for measurement instead of forcing you to guestimate. The app supports both inches and centimeters, includes a trick for measuring longer objects, and allows you to copy and paste your measurements into apps like Calculator or Mail.

It's a big step up from the original Ruler: just ask the developers. "Ruler 1.0 was, to put it bluntly, awful, so we burned it to a fine ash and began again,” said co-creator Andrew Kaz. Their hard work seems to have paid off. Ruler 2 is clearly well-thought out, proving that traditional mediums aren't necessarily the best implementations. In some ways, the iPhone/iPad app is more useful—and certainly more convenient—than a wooden ruler. (I really like that automatic slider. No more guestimation!)

To celebrate Ruler 2's launch, developers Andrew and Alexa are hosting a contest. Happily, you don't even have to buy the app, and entering is easy. Prizes include fresh new Apple swag—a 64GB iPod Touch, a 16GB iPod Nano, the new iPod Shuffle, and the new Apple TV. By spreading the word about Ruler 2 via Facebook or Twitter, or by signing up for the email list, you get one entry in the drawing. (For more information, or to enter, go to

Ruler 2 is a great new implementation of a ruler app for both iPhone and iPad, and the contest is just an added bonus - you don't have to buy Ruler 2 to enter! Check Ruler 2 out on the App Store; the universal version is a mere $0.99.

Ruler 2

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2010-06-03 :: Category: Game


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