I realize that I am not a Brit, so honestly this whole royal wedding business dominating the world’s news is starting to get a bit old.  Really, I am more baffled at why people give a darn about the marriage of a monarchy figurehead that actually carries no actual political significance whatsoever, but maybe this is the ignorant American in me bleeding through.  Should it come as any shock, however, that game developers have decided to cash in on the buzz as well?

One such game to get in on the act is the interactive puzzle game Say What You See: The Collection, which just announced that their popular “Romantic Comedy” puzzle has been updated for the next week, to reflect a backdrop of the recently exchanged nuptials.  There will be hints to fifty different romantic comedies hidden in the image, so be sure your have your magnifying glass, gumshoe.  This should keep you more than busy until news of the eventual royal annulment breaks.  Long live the king, indeed!

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Released: 2010-10-30 :: Category: Games

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