Rolly Vortex tips and tricks - how to score high

Posted by Jessica Famularo on September 27th, 2017
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Rolly Vortex
is an ultra addictive high score chaser from Voodoo, the folks who also brought you Flappy Dunk. The gist of the game is simple, simply slide your finger to angle a ball through a series of rotating hoops. The game's fast pace and ever-changing shapes can really trip you up, though. We have a few tips to help you get a high score.

Look ahead

Keep your eyes on the opening that's after the one you're currently heading toward. Keeping your focus on the next target will keep you prepared for what's to come, and will help you stay alive much longer than if you're only worrying about each immediate obstacle.

Don't be tempted by the gems

Once you get far enough, tempting red gems will start to appear. Try not to steer for them, as it's a good way to lose. Instead, only go for gems if they're in a safe spot for you to reach them. Gems are good, but staying alive is just as important.

Keep steady

Try not to swing the ball around on its arc too much. It can be tempting to flip yourself around when you see the hoops shifting, but rotating hoops are mostly there to psyche you out. If you only our first tip and keep a steady hand, this shouldn't be an issue.

Have you already mastered the ins and outs of Rolly Vortex? Share your expert tips in the comments below.

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