Repel the advances of aliens and space pirates in strategic RPG Galaxy Legend

Posted by Simon Reed on August 21st, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

King’s Empire developer Tap4Fun has a whole catalogue of games under its belt, including a space-based role-playing title called Galaxy Legend.

Set in the 2841, Galaxy Legend follows humanity as it begins to expand to the furthest stars in the universe.

You’re the commander of a galactic outpost vying for power, and your aim is to repel the advances of space pirates, aliens, and opposing outposts as you attempt to survive in a dangerous galaxy.

Galaxy Legend is a strategic RPG, then. There are both single-player and multiplayer dimensions onboard, and plenty of units and tactics that you can use to customize your fleet before you deploy them into battle.

You can customise your fleet to suit your play style even further with numerous upgrades and abilities that you earn as you progress.

Galaxy Legend was featured globally on Google Play shortly after its release back in November 2013, and it will be featured again on Google Play sometime before the end of August.

Tap4Fun’s title is also one of the most popular RPG and galactic battle games on Android, as well as one of the top grossing RPG in Russia, and one of the top three grossing RPGs in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, and the UK.

Furthermore, Galaxy Legend is one of the top ten grossing RPGs in India, Australia, and the United States.

You can grab Galaxy Legend from the App Store [download] and Google Play [download] right now for free.

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