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The iPad is a nearly perfect platform for real-time strategy games. And yet, quality RTS games made specifically for the iPad isn’t a booming category. Rochambeau is a real-time strategy for the iPad that breaks the genre down into its basic parts: paper, scissor, rock.

It’s an “area control” game that takes place on the increasingly popular hexagonal board or a linear board with only three pieces for each player. It’s a local multiplayer game; the players sit across from each other and play on the same iPad. On the hexagonal board, gameplay consists of dragging one of the three pieces (paper, scissor, or rock) in a path on the board. The game mixes the simplicity of a game of rock-paper-scissors with the complexity and strategy involved in a real-time strategy. It’s even possible to play multiplayer with more than just two players!

Rochambeau is currently available on the App Store for free. Rochambeau was released on February 11 by Randall Li of Triple Li.

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Released: 2012-02-11 :: Category: Games

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