In an age where it is hard enough to find a console game that displays in full 1080P, it is practically unheard of to even fathom an iOS game reaching those heights of resolution. Choosing to push the envelope of the platform, Real Racing 2’s developer, Firemint, has announced that there is an update that should be hitting by Easter that will unlock full 1080P output from the iPad 2 if you use an external monitor that is HDMI capable.

These unique dual screen controls allow you to interact with what is happening on your external monitor, while displaying the groundbreaking game with a graphical fidelity has been unheard of on the platform, truly showing off what the iPad 2 as a device is truly capable of.  But now that they have pulled out all of the stops, where can Real Racing 2 go from here?  Watch out Gran Turismo, there is a new competitor in your rear-view mirror.

[Source: Firemint]

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