Every venue has them; those seats that, for some reason, are just awful. Maybe they’re too close to the restroom, behind a massive view-obstructing column, or offer absolutely no shade in an outdoor venue. It sure would be nice to know about that sort of thing before you get your hands on your tickets, right? Well that’s exactly what RateYourSeats is for.

RateYourSeats is essentially a crowd-sourced seat-rating app. Users can rate, comment on, and upload photos of a given spot in order to share that information with everyone else. They can also use the app to avoid less than ideal seating when they try to nab tickets.


– Search and compare more than one million ticket listings to find the best seats
– Compare ticket prices across multiple events to get the best deal
– Build your custom dream ticket using the “Dream Seat Selector”
– Use the “Discover” feature to swipe through more than 25,000 photos
– Help millions of fans by sharing your own ratings, reviews, and in-seat photos
– Simple 5 star rating scales make it easy to find the best seats and avoid the worst