Rabbids Crazy Rush Guide: How to unlock suits for free

Posted by Jessica Famularo on February 25th, 2017
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The Rabbids are back in a new endless running adventure, Rabbids Crazy Rush. It's more ridiculous cartoon craziness as you help the little furballs gather enough fuel (soda) to get to the moon. Sure, it's a silly idea, but everyone has dreams -- even little Rabbids. Along the way there are missions to complete and items to collect. If you want to finish your goal in due time, follow these handy tips.

Try to get three stars in every level
The game ramps up in difficulty very gradually, so achieving this might take some repetition in practice, but the payoff is worth it. If you complete each level with perfection (or something close to it), you'll be rewarded with the coveted three stars and a plunger, the game's premium currency. You can use these to unlock the daily suits. The game says the goal is to make it to the moon, but you know the real reason you're playing is to unlock that Assassin's Creed suit.

Complete special maps
As you make your way across the normal maps, you'll uncover special maps that give you the chance to win a rare suit. They require hearts to complete, but keep plugging at it. These limited time suits are usually well worth the effort.

Spend plungers wisely
Plungers don't come easily (unless you're paying, of course), so save them for the things you really want (suits, duh). Sometimes the game will let you try on a suit temporarily if you watch a short ad. Other times you can gain bonus cans or powerups by watching these brief videos. Save those plungers for the things you really want if you can help it.

Rabbids Crazy Rush is a great time waster, and the collectible suits make the game all the more addictive. Use the tips above to build an impressive collection with little effort.

Already reached your destination with your Rabbid friends in tow? Share your own tips in the comments.

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