Editor's choice iPad app, QuickIO, is now available as a free iPhone app, allowing you to access photos, documents and videos from your Mac or PC, at home or on the road. This is an amazing app, previously only available for the iPad, now in your pocket. Check it out. The iPad version is also free for a limited time.

With Quik.io you can:
• Watch videos, listen to music and access documents from your computers on your iPad
• Enjoy instant video playback with automatic media format conversion
• Save media files to an iPad for viewing when not connected to the Internet
• “QuikSend” media files to share with friends and family
• Experience fast, seamless streaming without complex router configuration for port forwarding
• Connects between your iPad and computers with WiFi at home/hotspots or 3G/4G
• Enjoy access to your private home PC/Mac media library while at work, school or on the road

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