Regular Facebook app users can appreciate that the app isn't perfect. In the case of uploading several photos at once, this is certainly the case. For those people who transfer a lot of photos over to Facebook, Puff+ could be exactly what they need.

It's an app that promises powerful features to make uploading photos to Facebook that bit easier. Besides being able to upload multiple photos at once, it's quick and easy to set everything up with numerous gestures set up to control everything. While uploading multiple photos, users can even specify individual albums and captions for the photos making it immensely convenient.

It's worth noting that Location Services need to be enabled for the app but the developers promise that they have no interest in the user's location, it's just required due to the way that iOS works, so there's no reason to be cautious.

For the regular Facebook photographer this could be ideal, and it's inexpensive, too - priced at $0.99.


iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2011-07-25 :: Category: Game


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