Questland beginner's guide - how to gain levels fast and earn plenty of gems

Posted by Jessica Famularo on November 8th, 2017
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Questland is an exciting new RPG that allows you to create a fantasy hero of your choosing and head into battle on a quest for epic loot. If you're a fan of games where collecting plays a big part, you'll likely enjoy this little number from Gamesture.

There is a lot to do, though, and there are many factors that will play into your character's success. We've got a few tips to help you get started on the right path.

Quests should be your main focus

This is a game about upward progress, so you'll want to keep moving forward. The best way to earn lots of experience points and level up quickly is to complete quests in your log. They'll get progressively more difficult, which allows you to earn more points suitable to your level.

Don't sell your old gear

Whatever you do, don't sell your old gear. Pieces you don't need anymore can be broken down into crafting tokens that you can use to create new sets of armor, which is ultimately more valuable than the gold you would receive for selling unwanted gear.

Save your gems

You'll collect gems, the game's currency, just by completing in-game tasks. While the chests available for purchase may be tempting, it's well worth holding out for event chests that hold exclusive, limited run weapons. Save your gems for these events to unlock gear that's truly special.

Watch the ads

Be sure to watch the daily adverts in the Bank and the Tavern. Not only do these short ads provide a generous gold reward, you'll also get free gems for completing this simple task.

Are you a seasoned warrior in Questland? Share your own expert tips in the comments below.

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