Exercise workout videos have been around since the days of VHS and, more recently, DVDs. It makes perfect sense that the next evolutionary step is workout videos through an iOS device. Even better, an app that offers AirPlay support so you can see the videos via your AppleTV. That app is FitPlay.

FitPlay isn’t the cheapest of apps, with in-app purchases priced from $14.99, but it does provide some high quality advice from some of the world’s best coaches. Plenty of different activities are covered here from Kettlebell training to Yoga, Tennis and Soccer. Professional trainers, sportspeople and even Gold Medallists offer advice with tips on how to avoid injury and boost nutrition, as well as their chosen talent.

For those in need of some video based motivation and advice, FitPlay should be an ideal place for help. The ability to stream the content makes it all the more useful for the home set up.

FitPlay is out now as an Universal app.

Get the app here.

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