Following on from the immersive RPG that was Return to Mysterious Island, iPhone publisher Chillingo have announced they're bringing a sequel to the store, announcing Jules Verne’s Secrets of The Mysterious Island is coming to both iPhone (and iPod touch), shortly. The first of the series hit App Store shelves in May of this year, and like most adventure based titles seemed to go down in a storm with the iPhone crowd. Recently I seem to be saying that a little too often about various titles, but having actually owned (and played) this title myself, I can say quite honestly say the adventure was thoroughly enjoyable to play through.

Based on a graphic novel by Jules Verne’s, and carrying on from titles such as 1112 and Cassandra's Journey, the game sees you take the role of Mina, a sailor who becomes stranded on an island, somewhere in the Pacific ocean. As you trail and tap your way around the island, trying your up-most to survive, and finding objects and (more importantly) food along the way, you try to unlock the mysteries hidden within.

Described by Chillingo as an experience which will mirror that of Robinson Crusoe, this new release will carry on from where you left off. The game will start off with a helicopter crash, and continuing the theme of being stranded, you will have to guide Mina to safety. This time will also see you visit new locations including: Captain Nemo's base and scouring the ruins of an unknown civilization. Eventually, you will realize the cause of the threat to the island, and will aim to prevent it.

For approximately 700 Mb, the player will find out the end of the adventure of Mina. Jules Verne’s “Secrets of The Mysterious Island” contains stunning 3D graphics, many ambient sounds, music designed to enhance the mysterious atmosphere and feel.

The real big news though is this sequel will see the addition of special feature only available to OS 3.0 and 3GS users. In Jules Verne’s Secrets of The Mysterious Island, you the player will have the ability to navigate the entire island via not only placing fingers on the screen (nothing new there then - but wait!) 3GS users will be able to further enhance this experience by harnessing the true power of the built in compass, and therefore bringing full 360° compass direction navigation to the title. I don't know about you, but I'm quite excited about this, especially for an adventure game like this one. While touch and drag navigation is cool, doing it by physically moving your phone around - I'm sure you'll agree - is even cooler! Although, do be careful - I wouldn't want you to knock out the person sitting next to you while searching for melon!

All in all, with the title said to offer even more mini games and puzzles to complete, Jules Verne’s Secrets of The Mysterious Island is at first looks looking to paint a great sequel to the original Jules Verne adventure. My previous experience with both this genre of game, (and the Jules Verne saga inparticular), has me on the edge of my seat for this one!

Said to give a respectable 15 hours and gameplay, and priced at $6.99, the sequel to this hit adventure game should be with us "within weeks". International readers will be glad to know that the written in-game dialog of this initial release will be translated in: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Jules Verne's Return To Mysterious Island

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2009-05-29 :: Category: Game


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