Prepare for the Ever-Expanding Nyrthos

Posted by Rob Rich on January 18th, 2012

2D action RPGs are always a popular genre. People (myself included) love the simplicity of fighting, looting, leveling, upgrading and crafting. BeerDeer wants to offer players more than that, hence the creation of Nyrthos. It's still every bit all of those things I've mentioned, but it adds a new element to the mix: player influence. It's not something as pedestrian as choosing from a dialog bog and seeing a good or bad event unfold, however.

In Nyrthos, the exploration of the world and availability of new areas is driven by the player base. One example given is that there might be a broken bridge that can be fixed once enough wood is gathered. If enough players decide to commit to the cause, the bridge will be repaired and the area beyond accessible to everyone. Similarly, players can found and manage their own village. They have a great deal of influence on the game world, and thanks to that the possibilities are practically endless.

Nyrthos will be entering open beta in the very near future (Q1, 2012), and anyone interested in taking a look can sign up on the official website. Pricing and release info are still non-existent at this point, which is to be expected, but we'll do our best to keep everyone up-to-date.

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