OffAboutApe Entertainment and Bolt Creative announced that Pocket God Comics issue No. 24 is now available. This is the fourth issue in a five part story arc called The Pygmies Strike Back. Pocket God Comics gets updated an a frequent basis, and includes such goodies as The Pygmy Peril Newsletter and a remastered version of the first Pocket God animated video.

The Tribes are still divided! The Wayfinder thingy has lead Ooga’s team to a temple in the desert where they suspect their missing companions are being held. But it’s guarded by some large hulking gem-powered constructs. Time to use that old Pygmy ingenuity and break them out! Hmmm…on second thought, maybe Kinsee and Nooby should just bust their own selves out!

At least Klik’s group is safe in the Nest city of the Bird-people, right? Wait… there are mysterious goings-on there also? Well crud. Some days a pygmy just can’t get a break!

source: Pocket God Comics