JellyCar surprised a lot of folks with its sudden appearance and bouncy automotive hijinks. So much so that it spawned two well-received sequels. Now JellyCar 3, the most recent of the bunch, has a free trial. Just in case the dollar seems a bit too steep.

Now the incredibly frugal, or those without access to electronic funds (i.e. young-uns) can sample 10 of JellyCar 3's levels for free. That's 10 levels of "squishy goodness" for the same price as lunch when someone else is paying. Of course, if a player were to find the size-adjusting, wiggly, loopy, special ability-having, secret exit filled, car-customizing extravaganza to be irresistible, it's not exactly super-expensive.

So why not give JellyCar 3 Lite a try since it's free? It's not going to cost anything but a bit of time, and chances are it'll be considered time well spent. I mean, the original was a lot of fun, right?

JellyCar 3 Lite

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-09-07 :: Category: Game


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