Macadamia Apps has just released StillShot, a photo app that takes specific frames from videos.

Like the video trailer describes, we’ve all had those moments where we go to take a picture with our iOS device’s camera and ended up accidently taking a video instead. That moment might escape us forever and we’re stuck with a video instead of a picture. StillShot allows users to go back into that video and flip through the frames until the perfect picture within the video is found.

Obviously, this app could be used on purpose instead of remedying that accidental video over photo situation. I’m especially exited to try this app out with sports photography. Since the players are moving so fast, it’s often tough to get a great picture with the iPhone camera because of the limited shutter speed. StillShot should provide some great options for those action shots.

Macadamia Apps are also the creators of GroupShot, a photoediting app for group pictures, which received a 4.5/5 stars here at 148Apps from writer Michael Halloran. Michael described GroupShot as “smart and intuitive” and, overall, was “impressed” with the app. We’re expecting no less from StillShot.

Released: 2012-05-01 :: Category: Photography

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