We’ve all been there. Had that moment where it’s just impossible to find those precious tickets for that exciting event. It was placed in that careful spot in the house but somehow it’s gone missing just in time for when it’s most needed. Reliance on a piece of paper is annoying.

Eventbrite gets that which is why their app enables users to quickly access their Eventbrite tickets and event information all without the need for paper versions.

Attendees can access details for all of their upcoming events to see precisely what they have planned. They can then share that information with friends and also contact the event organizer with any last-minute questions. Map directions and other useful information can be similarly accessed quickly through the app.

It’s a very useful idea and one that I hope will spread elsewhere. It’d be very useful for other ticketed events such as concerts or sporting events. Hopefully Eventbrite have started us all on the path to a paperless future.

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Released: 2011-12-18 :: Category: Entertainment

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